Teach the Teacher

Friday, December 25, 2009

Oxford Medical offers a medical teaching course for doctors who are interested in taking their clinical and non-clinical teaching skills to the next level. The purpose of this course is to provide formal medical education training to doctors in order to help improve their teaching skills and styles. This is a highly interactive course that offers practical advice to help improve teaching skills. Their teach the teacher course for doctors covers a range of topics including; How to develop and write structured learning objectives, dealing with difficult students, and hands on sessions on one-to-one and small group teaching sessions.

The doctors teaching course demontrates the effectiveness of various teaching techniques such as; lectures, seminars, problem-based learning, tutorials, and one-to-one teaching. Lecture based teaching is more efficient but doesn't rate as well for active learning. One to One teaching obviously isn't as efficient, however, it does rate very high for active learning. Medical teaching courses are available through Oxford Medical for doctors in London and Oxford. The 2 day teach the teacher course is the ideal way to sharpen your teaching skills.

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